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“We are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a human experience”

– Pierre Teilhard de Chardin


Holistic Spiritual Healing Solution


Human beings are not mere bodies but sentient creatures, we are connected to the source of energy upon which all of creation is credited. The earth is just a physical realm that we see and feel with our senses, however there are realms beyond the perception of the human mind that effect the way our lives pan out. These are called spiritual realms. Just like how humans and animals and trees inhabit the physical realm, there are corresponding spiritual beings who are always guiding us and helping us out.

I am a descendent of a family of experts in spiritual healing therapy. I am blessed with energy healing capabilities due to my mystic sufi roots. There are many titles that my happy clients have bestowed me with- be it holistic doctor, alternative therapy doctor, expert in spiritual care etc but I would like to go with mystic healer as my primary identity and I am putting myself out here on the world wide web to benefit anyone who has stumbled upon this page. Here is an interview of me to help you understand this better.

What is spiritual healing therapy?


Let me give you the example of a car, unless you sit and drive the car will it move on its own? no. Similarly your body is just a vehicle driven by the spirit within. While you see and experience reality based on the world you live in- the spirit within you or your subconscious is capable of seeing and knowing a lot more. With limited intelligence, not all human beings can tap into their spirit or the source and are unaware of the powers it possesses. Spiritual healing therapy connects the human spirit to the source of all energy- whether you call it God or Allah or Krishna, the source spirit is a treasure of positive energy and holistic well being and health. I am a medium that can connect your spirit with the soul and heal you from any kind of ailment.

What is your speciality?

There are a lot of  different ways of healing and alternative medicine that is available these days like reiki, pranic healing, crystal healing etc. However what I practice is mystical healing, it is a superior form of holistic healing or metaphysical spiritual healing where without seeing or touching I am able to connect a person’s inner spirit to the source energy and replenish their health. Usually through a call or just by seeing a recently clicked photograph. I am considered one of the best spiritual healers in the world however this is the first time I am coming on the internet to talk about my healing therapy and so far I was healing people through being recommended by my clients by word of mouth. I want to dedicate my life to healing as many people as I can because that is what my family had been doing for generations and I find great joy in alleviating someone’s pain. I even heal healers who face blockages and energy drain after multiple healings.

What does spiritual healing therapy do? 

It is like a holistic energy medicine that heals a person from within. Human beings suffer from most ailments because they originate in the mind and manifest in the body. Medicines usually take care of the manifestation, never the root cause. Spiritual healing therapy is an all natural healing and spiritual cure that targets the mind or the subconscious and revitalises a person. It makes the mind healthy in order to manifest a healthy body. It is absolutely safe and permanently addresses the root cause of any kind of physical ailment.

What are some of the ailments that spiritual healing therapy can cure?

Any and every problem. However, I have healed thousands of people with cases of – arthritis, neck pain , back pain relief, pain management, knee pain relief, nerve pain, chronic pain, ankle pain, arm pain, pinched nerve in back, pinched nerve, chronic leg pain treatment, overcoming chronic pain, chronic period pain, polycystic ovarian disorder, anxiety, depression, mood swings, bipolar disorder, chronic breast pain, pain body healing, chronic cancer pain.

How long does it take to see results?

With me the results of the spirtual healing is instant. However in one session, it is only marginal relief. Over multiple sessions, one can see great improvement in their condition and consequently experience total holistic healing and heal the pain that became a roadblock to their well-being.

What are the charges?

I do most of my healings free of cost except for really difficult cases for which I expend a lot of my energy.

Why do you do it for free? 

Because the blessings I get after healing someone is priceless!

How will I know that I have healed?

All areas of your life begin to improve after spirtual healing therapy. It provides you a holistic healing and you will notice all spheres of your life getting better. Sleep gets better, moods are alleviated, hormones are balanced. Your relaionships, career, finances, etc all start to improve. Holistic health turns you into a magnet of good fortune, everything will come in your favour.

Why do bad things happen at the first place?

It is the way of the world, the day you are born, you are like a beautiful painting but by being exposed to the world, dirt and grime starts to settle on the painting causing blockages. Spiritual healing therapy or metaphysical healing is a way to remove the blockages and give you a clean slate.

Is it permanent?

It all depends on how you maintain yourself, if you maintain yourself fine it is permanent but if you are careless it might cause blockages again. It is recommended to get healings done every once in a while for good maintenance of the well being.

What is the time limit for full results?

Anywhere between 8 days to 8 weeks and rarely more than that. It also greatly depends on following the instructions I give.

How to get in touch with you?

You can call or watsApp me on my listed number ( +91 9916785193 ) and I am happy to help.

Are there any side effects?

Absolutely not.

 Are there any restrictions?

Depends on case to case, I can tell you after consulting.

Is there any message you want to give out?

Yes, life is short and the world is beautiful. Don’t let a broken relationship, career problem, health problem or financial problem or a legal dispute etc become a hindrance for you to experience all the joy and beauty of the world. People like me are created by the almighty himself- I am a help at hand, I am a spirtual healer, a holistic doctor- please have the faith and hope to get in touch with me and give your wonderful spirit a chance to heal and be happy. Help me help you!

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THYROID Cure through Holistic Healing

Ever since my first menstrual cycle, iam suffering from thyroid problem. I started facing health issue like, severe menstrual cramps, weight gain either i eat less or fast, always tired, disturbed sleep, temperature intolerance etc. I was advised to eat medication throughout my life on an empty stomach, my dose was increased based on my reports every now & then. Hypothyroidism gave me a tough time regarding my health, which even affected my professional life. Thank god i found out about Ali bhai & his Drugless healing therapy, after undergoing couple of healing sessions my thyroid problem has slowly evaporated out of my life. I no longer rely on medications, Ali bhai thanks a ton for healing me to get rid of thyroid problem. I literally have no words to express my gratitude towards you Ali bhai. You are one in million who does an amazing job, your Holistic healing rocks.
Saba munaaf Gujrat

Drugless Healing Therapy

I have an awesome experience of drug less healing. Ali bhai is amazing with his mystical healing powers, who could heal me with his distance healing sessions & gave me a freedom from tension headache. Drug less healing is one of the best healing therapy in my life with natural way using no medication at all. Ali bhai’s chanting is phenomenal. Highly recommend his drug less healing for headache. Thanks Ali bhai for your drug less healing.
Maria jane


 Hi iam from kanpur. Ever since i broke up from a relationship, i started feeling very weird, not interested in doing any activity, always irritated, bad mood, negative thoughts were lingering my mind. I tried to focus what went wrong in my life, though i never wanted to doubt on anybody, for my sudden unnatural behavior. I knew Mr Ali for the past 10  years now, he has been helping me in & out. After consultation over my unnatural behavior, Mr Ali’s diagnosis was, iam suffering from black magic, the culprit is my ex. Mr Ali is the best in town for black magic removal treatment.
 Mr Ali gave me a sign of relief, freed my soul from negative thoughts, i can sleep peacefully now. Iam glad i met you Mr Ali, you are my only true friend in need. Thank you for your therapy to heal me in no time, and i just love the way you treated me for black magic removal therapy.
Guys no matter what problem you have, get in touch with Mr Ali, you will surely find a sign of relief in his therapy. love you Mr Ali.
Shinni Kaur


Iam in my 40’s now, i have been suffering from severe back pain radiating from my shoulder to lower back. I can’t lie down on sofa or bed with my back straight, as this hurts allot. Form many years my sleeping posture was always on one side, i could hardly sleep for an hour or so. I was on pills for each & everything.
one of my kidney was failed due to drug usage, yet no relief at all.
My surfing over net for drug-less treatment took me to a website called shaik.me & to a renowned healer Mr Ali. After going through his reviews & video testimonials, i was shocked how people from all around the globe have praised him & his healing powers. Drug-less treatment by healer Mr Ali was the best-est thing that could happen to me ever in my life. I have no words to express how magical it was for me. Iam absolutely safe now, no pain at all & i feel lucky to find you. I can sleep how ever i want. Thanks Mr Ali i just love your drug-less treatment.


Radhika from Bangalore

I’m a married women , after 1 month of my delivery, my hands and legs started aching very badly .so much pain that I couldn’t lift my baby in my arms to feed her nor I could move my legs. I read MR. ALI’S REVIEWS online for Holistic healing , I visited him after an appointment, he took 3days to heal me. His HOLISTIC HEALING just gave me goosebumps , he is very powerful that you connect to his healing instantly.His presence will give you so much of positive energy and he is full of life when it comes to treat his patient’s. I’m just 30 I couldn’t think of lying in bed for the rest of my life. It’s all thanks to  ALI I’m on my feet now, any problem I come across or I need any guidance I contact MR.ALI . He is a very special person in our life. Me and my hubby just love ALI Bhai from the bottom of our heart.


powerful spiritual healer

God bless you ali I was in a depression one year back before calling you! you are the only person who provide me hope when I couldnt see any I really cnt believe how quick my case turned around I have my man and life back I was loss without hope till you come into my life and your distance healing is mind blowing thank you for everything you have done for me your are a man with golden heart!live long be with us b’coz world needs a true Spiritual healer like Ali…


Female Hormonal Imbalance Healing

For any and every woman out there who has ever seen relationships, professions, health and sanity suffer for ten days in a month due to hormonal surges around and after period time, this is a MUST READ.

I had regular periods but they would only last for two days so I thought that every thing was normal. I however had an extremely short temper, I was a vindictive mean and very emotional person and this started happening in the year 2010 and as I ignored it, it kept getting worse. My job, my relationships, my quality of life was horrible to put it lightly. I went to psychiatrists when my husband started telling me that he could not handle me anymore and wanted a divorce, I was diagnosed with clinical depression and I co-operated with my diagnosis because I was desperate to feel better .

Unfortunately, I got worse, my husband left me and started living with my in laws, my job suffered, my colleagues hated me, my bosses were unimpressed, I started attracting a lot of negative people who were toxic and made my mental state even worse.

Then I started praying to God every day to show me a way out and help me find what was wrong with me, within a week of praying regularly, I stumbled upon Ali Bhai’s website and called him asking him if he can help me. He asked me to send him a picture of myself and then he called me after ten minutes to tell me that there were a lot of blockages in my fertility and my hormones which was affecting a lot of areas of my life and causing me mental instability.

Then we started healing sessions on the phone. In my first healing I felt like he was right with me in my room and healing me. After two more healings I noticed that my moods were better. I no longer cried during my ovulation time which was a big relief. I used to lock myself up in a room and not meet anyone because I used to be ashamed of how emotionally unstable I was . After each healing session, first my period pain reduced. Then my weight reduced by 5 kilos! I myself felt like going out and exercising and listening to music etc which I had completely stopped.

I had more control over my emotions, people who used to bully me, make fun of me, hurt my confidence stopped having their way with me as my own self respect and dignity started coming back to me. Because my brain was free now from the constant stress of having to deal with mood swings and emotional instability- I could now focus on my work and got back to reading books and writing poetry- two things that I used to really love doing.

Slowly my old friends who used to be good influences started getting in touch with me. With every healing I could feel my period becoming more free flowing, my energy did not feel blocked. It has been two months since I got in touch with Ali Bhai and my life has only gotten better- in every area.

I cannot thank him enough and I just hope that in due time I make him proud to have healed someone like me. Healing is a gradual process but if you commit yourself to being the best version of yourself then just pick up the phone and call Ali Bhai. He will make your health his own personal mission. He will not shy away from telling you your own short comings and he will not sugar coat his words- he is a mentor and a teacher who genuinely seeks to show you the path of truth and righteousness and make you a better human being.

If you love yourself, if you want to turn yourself into the best version of yourself, if you seek to command love and respect, if you want to heal your body, mind and sould and see the world through a whole new perspective, if you are ready to change into YOU and not what circumstances have made out of you- just call Ali Bhai and you will never look back. Ali Bhai is proof, at least for me that when you pray with a sincere heart, they do get answered, he is my answer 🙂

God bless you.



Distance healing for chronic Urticaria

You will find millions of people in today’s world who will lie to you cheat you. It is next to impossible to find a real gem. I am glad that I found one. I was a kind of person who was atheist, does not believe in any sort like this. But then when you are in pain you end up trying everything. I was struggling with chronic Urticaria from many years, i tried ayurveda, homeopathy, English medicine everything and I could not see any permanent result and at that point I was so depressed and thought I will have to start loving my disease bcz i will never recover and I would die with this disease. And then one fine day I found Shaik number on Internet and i thought I should give a try and called him. Initial i felt him to be little rude. But trust me, he is the person with real energies, real spiritual powers, does not do fake promises. You just talk to him and all your worries tension will disappear. He is a gem and am glad and I am blessed that I found him. My chronic Urticaria has completely disappeared. I was amazed by his result. I am being more positive, happy in life now. It is all because of Shaik.. I love you Shaik, may you get all the happiness in life, may you get everything u like you deserve. In today’s world, it is very difficult to get even 5 minutes of happiness from anyone. And this person changes your mind soul. I don’t even know how should I thank. I have not seen God, but he is God for me. Thank you so much Shaik.. Loads of love.. PLEASE TRY HIM, YOU WILL BE AMAZED WITH HIS RESULT, HE IS THE Best..

Sunita rai

Broken heart Healer Ali

I have been in a relationship with my partner three
years since my divorce. Though we started our relationship as an open
one initially, soon he made his intentions clear that he wanted to
marry me. We over time got serious. My son too got attached to my
partner but soon we started having issues. For the past three years he
never had a problem that I was divorced but when I proposed marriage
he started saying his folks wouldn’t agree. I was heartbroken. My son
wanted to know why my partner no longer came home. For the second time
I trusted a man in my life and I felt betrayed. I contacted you Ali
and you promised me everything would be fine in the next one month. I
couldn’t believe it when on the 26th day he turned up all by himself.
He said he convinced his folks and they want to meet me. My son Jared
and I are meeting them next week. As you promised I know it will all
be fine. I just wanted to thank you before hand for everything. You my
dear angel are truly god sent.


Amazing Healer in india

I don’t know what name I should give to this person Doctor, Angel ,Healer, Magician or Aladin.
My story is also like everyone’s . I lost my love 8 months back. After that as the days were passing my pain was also increasing day by day. Twice I tried to commit suicide. Many astrologers, pandit, baba I contacted. Whatever they said I did everything but my mind was not relaxed. The day starts with tears and end with tears.

To forget and minimize the pain I started travelling from one place to another so that I could be tired and have a sleep otherwise it was being difficult for me to sleep.

Going through lots of websites finally I approached this Jadugar. I still remember the day when I called him with full of pain, depressed and disappointment. I just thought lets try once more. When I first time spoke to him I thought ki ” Areee ye to hamare jaisa hai. How he cud have supernatural powers ? But as I was talking to him his voice was like a tonic or Charnamrit which directly reaches to heart and mind. That night I was bit calm. No more bad dreams I had on that night.

He simply said “Have Patience”, “Faith on God” and “Do Meditation”

10 days gone I have not dropped a single tear in the last 10 days. Daily I am getting a sound sleep. No more pain, cries in my dreams. Not only mentally but physically also I have improved. I feel much more energetic and my mind is relaxed.

He is a doctor who not only gives medicine to his patients but also gives advices, suggestions whenever you required.

His voice & words are like Jadu Ki Jhappi (Same Jadu Ki Jhappi which Sanjay Dutt gives in Munna Bhai movie which brings smile on everyone’s…

Now I feel that somewhere I am blessed by God that I found this person in my life.

Thanks for everything.

Pratibha Delhi

Long distance healing by Ali

I want to share a very important incident of my life, about which am stunned even till date. one odd day my eldest daughter and second elder son fought so terribly eith each other. that my elder son in crazy anger left home, he had nothing with him no money, lfet cell phone at home and no debit/credit cards. we belong to a small town in UP, India. my elder son went for the first time in his life to my sister place who was staying in Mumbai, when they fought with each other he left. we were under an impression he probably is angry and would return after a while, aday tor two passed n i got really worried, we launched a police complaint, days went by none was able to figure out where my son went then i was able to figure about Mr. Ali through my daughter who is a very close friend of Ali, she recommended to share it with him and if that could help, helpless with little hope we shared with him with 2 hours my son was back home to the shock of my life who was missing for days. am so impressed and bless him with all my heart for what he did. thereon he told me to read a supplication to maintain love and harmony.peaceful relation between all my children , the day i started reading what he gave me, all my children stopped fighting and was staying with love and affection for each other. God bless you son, you indeed are doing a great thing for soceity. May God bless u well for ur noble deeds. thank you all, my sincere advise to all trust him blindly with his instructions for your work to get best result in whatever u want. he is a angelic figure in the shape of a human on earth. Thank u Ali. take care. & God Bless

Asifa Muradabad.

Holistic spiritual healer Ali sir

I also wanted to share my experience with people since the day i met you not in real but through internet…..i havent seen u in real but can always give 100%gurantee on your work which you did for me…..you are truly amazing Ali sir….i was having issues in my love life where it was already 3months when my bf was not talking to me….he blocked me on social media sites…etc.all my hopes were down untill i saw your site…which made me call you by chance……i find myself really lucky to have a angel like you Ali sir…..u are just amazing Spiritual healer u dont cheat people with words……u are a very honest n kindhearted person…..joh 3 months main kabhi nahi hua tha woh apki prayers aur dua ke waje se hua…..i cant believe my boyfriend has unblocked me on social media…and he is desperate to meet me in real…..its all because of you Ali sir…to all those out there who are facing such issues please do approach Ali sir…he is truly a god gifted person with an honest heart….i just wana say thank u Ali sir for everything you did for me…n wish your blessings are always with me……keep up the good work….thank you n love you alot….you are the best.


Trustworthy spiritual healer

Hi m Saleha
Ali is angle,trustworthy spiritual healer,he has unbelievable power,m going to spread my happiness n experience to all of u.I lost my love life.I was so tense n depressed,helpless.kehte hai god apko help karte hai maine dekha ali ke thru.4 to 5days se allah ne ali ka number bar bar flash kar rahe the.i thot i should give a call.i called him i told him my problem.he said don wry sab thik hojayega.be patient be postive.u wont belive I don knw abt this that bf wo kisi aur se engagment karne jaraha hai.wo girl jo unki ex thi.ali se baat karne ke bad sari hidden chize samne aai.aur 3month hogaye the usne kabhi call tak nahi kiya.ali mujhe humsha ye kehte postive raho himmat mat haro,that girl done some black magic on him.isliye wo mujhse dur hogaya tha.but after waiting of 3month.ali ritual works within 5days my bf started calling me &said me sorry.His back in my life.we are toghter n allah ke dua aur ali ke ritual aur power se we are back toghter.while writing this testo…i m crying right now coz khaleel (ali )is my whole world,ali is everthing for me.my bf says i love u every day in every calls.jo phele kbhi nahi kehta tha…& whatever ali said exactly things start happening still happening…still my work in process inshallah soon i will write one more testo &video once my things will set.i have full faith on Allah n Ali.this is true story please beleive him blindly..allah ke bande hai.allah apki power ko aur powerful banaye ameen…

Thank you Allah u given me such a beautiful gift khaleel(ali ) he is most precious kohinoor for me.ALI is LIFE ACHIEVMENT AWARD for me. Thank you ali u given me new life,u given my smile,my sleep back…
khuda haffiss

Saleha pune.

Long distance healing

Long distance healing
Hello everyone,
This is my VERY FIRST testimonial EVER in my life,so little nervous. To cut the long story short,I was having health issues. Doctors were unable to figure out as all the tests were normal.Emotional stress,no interest in life and job. Then i found Kenn bhai’s website online and after thinking for almost 2 months,I called him(hesitant at first).After mentioning my health problem to kenn bhai, he gave me hope and said don’t worry, you will be fine. He gave me distance healing over the phone(which i never believed in before meeting kenn bhai). To my surprise, i felt change in my health condition within minutes and felt better by the end of the day(could vary from person to person)and after 2 more healing sessions,My body and mind felt relieved.I can’t not believe that i am really feeling healthy.I am at peace in my life now(fingers crossed). I request everyone who is reading this and are having any issues in life that PLEASE, do call kenn bhai at least one time without having a second thought. He is very easy to talk to, caring,concerned,straightforward and helpful. I hope my testimonial be helpful to those who are distressed in life and guide you to the way of getting healed with the help of kenn bhai. God Bless you all!!!

Preet kaur

Metaphysical spiritual healing

Metaphysical spiritual healing,Since 10 DAYS was just finding words to describe what Ali has done for me..still short of words to describe .. his works are par description …coz no words can describe this great personality ..
I was framed in a court case for the reason just to harass me.. not by anyone else but my own dear one. coz of Ali’s great work I have been relieved from all the mental and physical stress of attending the tareek per tareek of our Indian judicial system.

Since 5 years till today, he is been there for me. I had lost trust on everything, but after Allah the almighty its Ali coz of whom I am alive today.
After the court case case withdrawn I was on verge of losing my job which I actly needed in this hard time. But when I told Ali abt it. He told don’t worry ur boss will tell u that he needs u in the centre. And believe me my boss told me the same thing that the centre needs u. After Allah if I trust anyone is Ali.
There are many long instances of my 5 years long hardship to be mentioned here. My life has actually changed after meeting ALI. But all I want to tell is I trust Ali and suggest all to trust him. He is genuine messenger of Allah and a true holistic spiritual healer.. or magician. He makes people love life ..He brings anything back to life.



Dr Uzra

Relationship Healing

Hi bhiya, i am so thankfull to u for geting my lover back in my life in only just 2 days.i was dying for him from last 5 yrs and i requested to u and u did it in only 2 days.now he is calling me every day and express his feelings.i am really thank gul to u frm my heart bhiya.i owe u my happiness love u so much::))


Best distance Healing

My case was worst my married life was almost over i was so much worrying by the grace of God i found Ali bhai who changed my situation completly around.
my wife almost left me who i loved more then myself. Today we are back togather happy and peacefull.
i have no words how to thank him .i trust his distance Healings work is 100 % gauranteed.
from Doha Qatar
thank you thank you Alibhai


GENIUNE HEALING.I have no words

GENIUNE HEALING.I have no words to thank you ali bhai.my name is navjaan and i am from punjab.i was in such bad body pain and could not walk properly because my feets use to be num all day.i shared my problem with ali bhai that no medicine is giving me relife.he said not to worry.In two days my body was back to normal and there was no numness in my feets too.i was so shocked and called him then bhai told me that he has done healling spells which worked like magic.i thank u bhai for all this and making my family life back to normal.od bless you with long life and happiness.love u bhai



I REALLY WANT TO THANK YOU ALI BHIYA FOR EVERYTHING YOU HAVE DONE FOR ME AND MY FAMILY.I HAVE NO WORDS FOR ALL THIS.MY HUSBAND LEFT HIS ALCOHOL BCOZ OF YOUR HOLISTIC SPIRITUAL HEALING.FROM LAST 15 YRS HE WAS DRINKING DAY AND NIGHT.But frm last month he dose nt even thouch it.this happend all bcoz of ur Healings bhiya.u are really magician.or u should say God for me.love u ali bhiya thank you.

Ghost Charmer in bangalore

I had come to you approximately a year back with my brother, Shehzaad. I had promised you a testimonial when I got married and so as promised I am writing this testimonial to you. I have been happily married for over two months and I still cannot believe it. My family and I had given up all hopes of me ever getting married. A few years ago, I remember I used to stay depressed, locked up in a room, all by myself. I refused to speak to anyone and would cry most of the time. Whenever a proposal came my way, either the guy would reject me by seeing the picture or after our meeting. I was so depressed and even though I loved eating heavy food diets like chicken and mutton, I wouldn’t gain weight. Though I ate well, my periods were irregular and painful. I was showed to various doctors and all of my diagnosis were clean and yet my family was certain there was something wrong with me. I would be constantly irritable, picked up fights and had bouts of crying for no reason. I remember waking up in the middle of the night and roaming around the house like a ghost while the whole family was sound asleep. My family then took me to 2 Aamil babas in Shivaji Nagar, Bangalore, who turned out to be quacks and then we met a Haafiz baba who gave me some chits to burn after which my condition worsened and my behavior scared my family. I was scared too. My family started feeling paranormal presence around the house and me especially and I was a victim of paranormal attacks. I was thrown out of bed and would hit my family members when they came to help me or make me drink or eat anything. It was then my family came in contact with you. After meeting you once I remember feeling a bit better. During our second session, I felt completely broken down and you told me that you were a spiritual healer, a ghost charmer who would drive away the spirit bothering me and I would have a happy life ahead. After the second exorcism session, I felt like a burden was taken off me and after the third exorcism session, one you were sure that the spirit was lifted off, you revealed to me that a man’s spirit had caught possession of me and wanted me to be with him, thus I was being bothered. I wondered if I would ever be happy in life, get married and live and normal life and you promised all that would come true in the coming year. Your words have come true brother and I am writing this testimonial to thank you for the same.

Thank you for this beautiful life. May allah grant you with more special powers so you can help people like us.


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