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Holistic Health Energy Healing Service 

With several illnesses in the world, researchers continue to discover new methods of healing daily. Certain healing methods have been linked to either ineffective treatments or unpleasant consequences. As a result, the world looks up to an effective method with little or no adverse effects. 

Holistic energy healing is an all-inclusive or healing method that all factors when treating an illness. It covers not only the body but also the mind and the spirit. Holistic energy healing is daily gaining recognition and popularity as persons suffering from incurable illnesses or diseases are being advised by their traditional practitioners to try it.

Holistic energy healing has proved to be an effective alternative treatment method that results in fast and effective relief from several sicknesses and diseases. It is a natural and comprehensive process that has no negative effects on the body. Among several health conditions and illnesses that holistic energy healing has proved effective are depression, stress, insomnia, muscle tension, emotional trauma, physical pain, and adrenal glands.

One of the attractive features of holistic energy healing is its non-invasive method of treatment; it offers a mild procedure of treatment and healing. It is carried out following the universal flow of life force energy known to flow through all living things in the world. The holistic energy healing is referred to as Chi in China, Ki or Reiki in Japan, Prana in India, and Mana in Polynesia. 

How Holistic Energy Healing Works

It is believed that the life force creates unbalanced energy fields that are responsible for people’s emotional or physical sickness. Consequently, holistic energy healing comes in to balance the electromagnetic energy fields and the energy flow in the body to reinstate the lost health be it physical, mental, emotional or spiritual.

It involves an intentional working on the vibrational field of the universe and energy to create a positive impact and restore health. The holistic energy healers study the human bio-field and specialize in supporting themselves and others energetically. The procedure is based on the principle of vibrational resonance.

Holistic energy healing controls, invigorates, and restores the blocked energy channels from the body’s aura and chakra system. During the process, the body’s natural healing ability is not only strengthened but also restored. A gentle and calming transfer of Ki energy from the energy healing specialist to the client occurs during the healing process. The procedure raises the vibrational frequency of the patient to the same level as that of the healing specialist.

Many patients have reported that the process of transferring the energy from the specialist to their bodies was a relaxing, calming, and pleasant experience. The experience is unique and different from one client to another experiencing different results, irrespective of whether they have the same health conditions.

The most amazing feature of holistic energy healing is that it can take place on-site or over a long distance away from the healing expert or healer. This is called distant energy healing and it ignores distance or boundaries as it uses a photo or visualization.

The Benefits of Energy Healing

Energy healing is a natural treatment method that gently balances and steadies the body’s life-force and restores health and well-being to the recipient. Energy healing is most desirable for stress reduction and relaxation that activate the body’s natural healing abilities and improve and maintain health. 

The healing process involves the use of hands by the healer from whom energy flows to the client. It is an intentional transfer of energy. It is a powerful process, yet gentle. Health or emotional problems occur when there is a disruption, blockage or weakness in the flow of the “Life Force Energy.” 

Imbalances result from many life situations such as physical or emotional trauma, injury, feelings and thoughts (anxiety, anger, doubt, fear, worry, negative self-talk), nutritional depletion, destructive lifestyle and relationships, toxicity, and self-neglect. Energy healing is the best treatment for all kinds of emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual problems; and it yields amazing results. 

The Benefits of Energy Healing 

Energy healing offers a holistic healing procedure to restore, reinvigorate, and ensure perfect wellness. Below are a few of the benefits of energy healing: 

1. It promotes deep relaxation and helps the body to release tension and stress. 

2. It activates and hastens the body’s self-healing abilities. 

3. It promotes better and sound sleep. 

4. It reduces lowers high blood pressure. 

5. It aids recovering from injuries (broken bones and wounds) and other chronic problems such as headaches, eczema, asthma, etc. 

6. It helps in breaking addictions. 

7. It causes pain relief. 

8. It removes blockages in the flow of energy and adjusts the flow to bring the body into balance and harmony. 

9. It enables the body to rid itself of toxins. 

10. It alleviates the side effect of drugs and promotes recovery from drug therapy after surgery and chemotherapy. 

11. It strengthens the immune system. 

12. It boosts vitality and delays the aging process. 

13. It aids emotional clearing and spiritual growth. 

14. It strengthens the vibrational frequency of the body. 

15. It increases energy, self-confidence, and self-esteem. 

16. It makes the mind clearer and sharper. 

17. It enables relief from anxiety, stress, depression, fear, and doubt. 

18. It relieves the symptoms of menopause and other reproductive system problems. 

19. It promotes effective communication. 

20. It cleanses and repairs the auric field. 

21. It cleanses, opens, and balances all major energy centers for an effective flow of energy. 

Energy healing is an effective tool to release stress, relieve pain, and have quick energy anytime and anywhere. A relaxed and stress-free state helps to increase the body’s built-in defenses and proper flow of energy, which is crucial to dealing with daily events with confidence. 

If you have been receiving treatment using the Western or Eastern medicine without many effects, try energy healing; it is a complementary therapy that does not only complement the health you receive in the hospital but also enhance your health. Energy healing is safe for everyone – men, women (even pregnant), and children. Meanwhile, it is important to find a reputable energy healer or healing expert to take you through the process to get fully reinvigorated and restored.

The Science of Energy Healing

The science of energy healing is an old concept has regained popularity as a result of its effectiveness and several healing modalities it has without adverse effects. It deals with the human energy fields, auras, brain wave frequencies, and vibrations. 

Having been around for several millennia, priests, healers, and shamans in diverse world cultures know the power of vibration and use it to treat and heal their clients. The science of energy healing is still in its infancy with a little research done to approve its teaching in schools as an alternative to the modern medicine. 

Although several amazing discoveries have been made as regards the science of energy healing, the medical and traditional scientific communities seem to consider energy work as a fanciful and theoretical concept. However, we shall compile as much information as possible to explain the science of energy healing with a view to bringing to light the variety of holistic therapies and techniques available.

For the purpose of simplicity, the science of energy healing is viewed using three concepts – entrainment, brain wave frequencies, and human energy field. We shall review some traditional physics concepts that have been accepted by the scientific community.


In 1665, a new physics principle called “entrainment” was discovered by a Dutch Scientist and Physicist, Christian Huygens. He was successful in many areas of physics and astronomy such as the Huygens’ Principle of Secondary Wave Fronts, Light-Wave Theory, the revolutionizing of time-keeping via the creating of pendulum clocks, and an in-depth research into the rings of Saturn.

During his intense research with pendulum clocks, Huygens discovered a new physics concept. He discovered that when he placed two pendulum clocks on a wall close to each other and swung the clocks at different rates, they eventually ended up swinging at the same rate – they fell into rhythm with each other. He confirmed that the concept did not only apply to pendulum clocks but also it is a basic law of physics. Since 1665, the concept has become an accepted principle of physics and it is also an adopted principle in biology, chemistry, pharmacology, medicine, sociology, psychology, and more.

Entrainment is an everyday phenomenon that happens around us. It happens biologically, for example, when women who spend a lot of time together find the moon cycles synchronizing. It happens sociologically such as when people of the same social groups, communities or cliques think and dress similarly. It also occurs mechanically when all the clock pendulums in a clock shop swing together in unison after a few days, even if they started off not synchronized.

Relating to energy healing, the commonly used method is for the healer to place his hands on a client. The healer opens his crown chakra and makes himself a channel for pure, white light or the universal energy. So, the energy flows through the healer’s body, cells or aura down his arms and out through his hands to the client’s aura or body.

If the client is willing to release the blocked energy, the pure universal energy will remove the blocked energy and healing will take place. Individuals who have practiced Kundalini meditations, Qi Gong, channeling Reiki healing energy, and other methods of transferring body energy know that this concept is real and effective.


Discovered in the twentieth century, the research about brain wave frequencies is considered as a respected field of Neuroscience. In 1908, an Austrian Psychiatrist named Hans Berger first discovered and theorized the brain wave theory, although it was dismissed by the scientific community as a fantasy.

After many years (in the 1920s), Dr. Berger had a breakthrough and invented the Electroencephalograph (EEG) to prove the existence of brain waves. The EEG is still in use today, to graph the brain’s electrical activity. The communication of brain cells is by electrical impulses which are measured and recorded by the EEG. The traditional scientific community later recognized, validated, and accepted the theory. Dr. Berger’s theories on different brain wave states are well-researched and accepted by the energy healing and modern scientific community.

The overview of Dr. Berger’s research is that the human brain is constantly oscillating or fluctuating. The brain’s impulses have been mapped, studied, and classified into six brain wave states – Beta, Alpha, Theta, Delta, Gamma, and Lambda. However, only Beta, Alpha, Theta, and Delta waves are already accepted while Gamma and Lambda waves are still contentious.

The vibrations or oscillations of the human brain are called wave frequencies. The frequencies are measured as Hertz (Hz). A Hz is a frequency of waves per second; so, a Hz means one wave per second. Beta is 14Hz-30 Hz, Alpha is 8Hz-14Hz, Theta is 4Hz-8Hz, and Delta is 0.5Hz-4Hz. The highest brain wave frequency is Lambda followed by Gamma, Beta, Alpha, Theta, and Delta is the slowest. Most people usually fluctuate between these waves during a twenty-four hour period, with people doing intense mental work enter into Gamma and Lambda.

Beta is the brain wave state that relates to the waking life, active brain patterns, analytical thoughts, alertness, and concentration. Higher Beta states are connected to critical thinking and problem solving such as solving mathematical problems and handling a stressful or difficult situation.

Alpha relates to the sleep level one and two. It is experienced during light sleep, deep meditation, prayer, hypnotic states, and moments of heightened spiritual awareness. It ranges between relaxed but focused and deeply relaxed states.

Theta is a common state for children during waking hours until the age of thirteen. Adults do not usually enter Theta.

Delta is sleep stages three and four, deep sleep or deep meditation. It is the dominant brain wave frequency of children until age one. In India, Yogi has been tested to go down into Delta brain wave state during deep meditation. 

The effect of the study of brain wave frequency in relation to energy healing is that anyone living in Beta brain wave states will not have enough time for the body to heal itself. However, Yogi, for example, has the ability to slow down the brain wave frequencies from any frequency to the lowest frequency, Delta.

People who operate in Alpha and Theta during waking hours are calmer, more spiritually connected, and more at peace. They feel better, live healthier, and enjoy their lives more. The ultimate purpose of lowering the brain wave frequency is to reduce stress and increase the body’ natural healing abilities. 


The human energy field is also regarded as “auras.” For hundreds of years, people have believed in the existence of the human energy field, etheric field or aura. It is believed that an etheric field surrounds every person. In the meantime, science has measured, studied, proven the existence of the human energy field.

The human energy field was discovered in 1903, around the time that Dr. Hans Berger was working on the theory of the human brave wave frequency. And a Dutch physiologist, Dr. Willem Einthoven was creating a machine to measure the electrical frequencies around the heart. So, Dr. Willem Einthoven successfully created the Electrocardiogram (known as the ECG or EKG). 

During the study of the concept of auras, energy healing, and the human energy field, it was discovered that during the process of energy healing, the electrical and magnetic fields of the healer increased significantly enough to be recorded.

During an energy healing process, Dr. Zimmerman measured the readings of hands healing with a SQUID magnetometer at a passive state and when the healing was ongoing. The healer’s hands produced a larger aura at a varying frequency from 0.3Hz to 30 Hz with most activity at 7Hz-8Hz, a proof that people practicing energy healing have a stronger energy than non-practitioners. More so, the frequency between 7Hz and 10Hz is believed to promote physical healing.

The science of energy healing continues to grow with positive results seen in all aspects.


Different Types of Energy Healing

The human body performs more than a million functions at once without anyone really noticing until something goes wrong in the body. The body comprises many systems and functions with energy fields contributing to the life force. However, the energy fields can become damaged or blocked with the effect felt in the physical body. 

For a long time, there have been healers in different world cultures whose focus and specialty was to unblock and repair the flow of energy and restore health and well-being by using different types of energy healing techniques. In China, for instance, the healers identified twelve major pathways of energy in the body and manipulate the flow of energy to heal. 

Different Types of Energy Healing 

1. Reiki 

Reiki is a technique for reducing and managing stress and improving health and wellness. It works on the life energy, Ki (energy) that flows in all living things. It involves the use of hands to channel the energy to heal the body. Reiki originates from Japan and it uses two techniques – a light, hands-on and hands-off methods. The methods are to restore the divine energy to the body, letting the energy work on the parts of the body that need healing. 

2. Acupuncture 

This is the type of energy healing techniques that involves the insertion of needles through the skin at particular points of the body aiming at the major meridians to restore balance. It is mainly used in the traditional Chinese medicine to alleviate chronic pains such as osteoarthritis/knee pain, neck pain, and low-back pain. 

3. Quantum Healing 

As a type of energy healing, quantum healing is centered on the science of quantum mechanics and it works with the life force energy of the body for the promotion of health and wellness. It unveils how quantum and frequencies affect the body and explains how to direct, increase, and direct this energy to achieve the best results possible. 

4. Crystal Healing 

This is a type of energy healing that focuses on the use of crystals and stones to remove impurities from the body. The stones or crystals have different properties that target various energy problems such emotional, physical, and spiritual problems. Crystal healers arrange crystals or stones in a line on the body’s chakra points based on the symptoms described by the patient. 

5. Qigong 

Qigong is derived from “Qi” that means “vital life force” while “gong” means “effort” or “work.” This type of energy healing cultivates vital life force through the breathing and meditation techniques. Self-healing qigong and external qigong are the two types of Qigong. Self-healing qigong is carried by individuals to boost their health, prevent diseases, and treat illness. External Qigong, on the other hand, is the transfer of Qi from a healer to heal other people. 

6. Healing Hands 

It is a Native American energy healing type whereby the healer places his or her hands over the ailing part of the client’s body to receive whatever type of energy needed for their healing and wellness, relying on faith that the client would receive the energy. 


Energy Healing Depression

More than 350 million people worldwide are suffering from depression. It is a condition that most people are too afraid or shy to ask for help. Depression is a state of hopelessness and unhappiness that results in a psychiatric disorder. On the extreme, persons suffering from depression experience insomnia and sometimes, have suicidal tendencies. Since depression has several negative effects on people’s lives, it is expedient to practice good self-care.

Depression is an emotional disorder that can be effectively healed by energy healing. The state is a manifestation of emotional disequilibrium or blocked chakras. Negative emotions are like dark and heavy slow-moving energy that pools and stagnates at an unwanted location. They affect the emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual well-being making the earthbound chakras (root, sacral, solar plexus, and heart) more blocked and inundated. 

Let us quickly examine the effects of stress and depression on the chakras and how energy healing can help resolve them.

1. Root Chakra

Financial stress or feelings of rejection block the root chakra. The best way to deal with this condition is by engaging in physical exercises (such as walking, running, climbing, Yoga, and activities that connect you to the earth) to start moving the stagnant energy and clearing the blocks to financial prosperity, feelings of belonging and security. 

In addition, to have more of what you lack, give. If you are broke and have no money to give, give your time, wisdom, and effort. If you are lonely, reach out to people in love. The more you do this, the more positive energy comes back to you.

2. Sacral Chakra

People suffering from depression have extreme difficulty enjoying life. So, ensure to enjoy life whenever you are feeling blue. Attend an art festival, go biking, play with your pet, count your blessings, and see life from a positive perspective. Anytime sad thoughts come to you, give thanks for something; gratitude is a powerful healing force.

3. Solar Plexus Chakra

Depression blocks the solar plexus chakra and this lowers self-esteem and personal power. To heal the blocked chakra, do what your love and spend at least 15 minutes every day on what you love. Irrespective of your daily schedule, do what you love and boost your self-esteem and confidence.

4. Heart Chakra

To combat depression, consciously express love to everyone and everything around you. Do deep meditation and let people come into your awareness. Thank them for being in your life, even if they have hurt you, send them love; it heals your heart.

Energy healing comprises a number of techniques that have a direct effect on the energy in and around the body. An energy flow has an impact on the spiritual, emotional, and physical well-being; so, a disruption in the flow of energy can result in depression. 

Energy healing depression offers the help needed to regain equilibrium and feel positive about life again. Energy healing clears every disruption and proper flow of energy is restored. Since the blockage of the energy flow was gradual, the effect of energy healing also is gradual and evident over time. People suffering from depression need to attend many therapy sessions to fully benefit from energy healing.

Energy Healing Cancer

Every year, millions of people suffer from cancer. Although there are modern medical procedures for treating cancer, none of them is without some implications. However, energy healing offers a non-invasive and harmless solution to treating cancer. 

Energy healing is an ancient method of re-balancing and restoring the body to its healthy state by getting rid of diseased or stagnant energy and sending life force energy into the body through any of the available techniques such as reiki, quantum, acupuncture, and healing hands. 

The life force energy transferred to the patient’s body brings a positive change in the body. Energy healing offers several benefits to cancer patients. 

Benefits of Energy Healing Cancer 

The benefits of energy healing cancer are endless, but here are a few of them:

1. It relaxes the body to release tension, stress, and negative energy. 

2. It activates the body’s natural healing abilities. 

3. It combats insomnia and makes patients sleep better. 

4. It reduces blood pressure. 

5. It alleviates the side effects and pains caused by modern medicine methods such as chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery. 

6. It relieves chronic and acute pain. 

7. It removes energy blockages, activates and balances the flow of energy to bring the body into balance and harmony. 

8. It enables the body to rid itself of toxins. 

9. It increases vitality. 

10. It increases the body’s vibrational frequency. 

11. It helps to suppress and eliminate emotions such as anger, fear, sadness, hopelessness, and depression. 

A regular energy healing therapy relaxes the body, increases the body’s built-in defenses, and increases confidence and positive outlook on life. It also provides additional energy needed to recover from cancer. While energy healing may not totally substitute medical care, it complements standard medical care; that is why it is also referred to as integrative or complementary medicine. The amazing fact about energy healing cancer is that it can be done from any distance.

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“Prevention is better than cure.” Taking a preventive measure is far better than relying on curative medicine. Hiring energy healing services gives you full control over your emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual well-being. 

Life activities and their dynamics have implications and effects on the human body, emotion, spiritual, and physical health. Regular energy healing therapy invigorates, restores, and guarantee overall wellness. Include energy healing and other natural therapies into your lifestyle and experience a significant improvement in your health, vitality, and well-being.

Energy healing causes a significant transformational change in all spheres of life. It creates a deep feeling of relaxation, clarity of mind, and inner calmness. It also speeds up recovery after taking modern medical procedures such as surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation.

Energy healing services include the following services: 

1.    Energy Healing  

2.    Crystal Healing

3.    Reiki Massage

4.    Kid’s Energy Healing

5.    Distance Healing (Remote Healing)

6.    Qigong

7.    Quantum Healing

8.    Healing Hands

Are you experiencing health problems? Are you undergoing modern medical therapy? Are you suffering from side effects of medical procedures or medicine? Contact me for energy healing for you, your spouse or your children. Energy healing is safe and effective for everyone without any negative side effects. I offer a holistic energy healing, an alternative and natural method of healing. My goal is to provide a quality professional service to clients always.

Use my energy healing services and live healthier, feel lighter, think clearer, and be invigorated. For more inquiries, contact me today +91 9916785193.

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