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I have been in a relationship with my partner three
years since my divorce. Though we started our relationship as an open
one initially, soon he made his intentions clear that he wanted to
marry me. We over time got serious. My son too got attached to my
partner but soon we started having issues. For the past three years he
never had a problem that I was divorced but when I proposed marriage
he started saying his folks wouldn’t agree. I was heartbroken. My son
wanted to know why my partner no longer came home. For the second time
I trusted a man in my life and I felt betrayed. I contacted you Ali
and you promised me everything would be fine in the next one month. I
couldn’t believe it when on the 26th day he turned up all by himself.
He said he convinced his folks and they want to meet me. My son Jared
and I are meeting them next week. As you promised I know it will all
be fine. I just wanted to thank you before hand for everything. You my
dear angel are truly god sent.

Broken heart Healer Ali
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