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Iam in my 40’s now, i have been suffering from severe back pain radiating from my shoulder to lower back. I can’t lie down on sofa or bed with my back straight, as this hurts allot. Form many years my sleeping posture was always on one side, i could hardly sleep for an hour or so. I was on pills for each & everything.
one of my kidney was failed due to drug usage, yet no relief at all.
My surfing over net for drug-less treatment took me to a website called shaik.me & to a renowned healer Mr Ali. After going through his reviews & video testimonials, i was shocked how people from all around the globe have praised him & his healing powers. Drug-less treatment by healer Mr Ali was the best-est thing that could happen to me ever in my life. I have no words to express how magical it was for me. Iam absolutely safe now, no pain at all & i feel lucky to find you. I can sleep how ever i want. Thanks Mr Ali i just love your drug-less treatment.
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