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For any and every woman out there who has ever seen relationships, professions, health and sanity suffer for ten days in a month due to hormonal surges around and after period time, this is a MUST READ.

I had regular periods but they would only last for two days so I thought that every thing was normal. I however had an extremely short temper, I was a vindictive mean and very emotional person and this started happening in the year 2010 and as I ignored it, it kept getting worse. My job, my relationships, my quality of life was horrible to put it lightly. I went to psychiatrists when my husband started telling me that he could not handle me anymore and wanted a divorce, I was diagnosed with clinical depression and I co-operated with my diagnosis because I was desperate to feel better .

Unfortunately, I got worse, my husband left me and started living with my in laws, my job suffered, my colleagues hated me, my bosses were unimpressed, I started attracting a lot of negative people who were toxic and made my mental state even worse.

Then I started praying to God every day to show me a way out and help me find what was wrong with me, within a week of praying regularly, I stumbled upon Ali Bhai’s website and called him asking him if he can help me. He asked me to send him a picture of myself and then he called me after ten minutes to tell me that there were a lot of blockages in my fertility and my hormones which was affecting a lot of areas of my life and causing me mental instability.

Then we started healing sessions on the phone. In my first healing I felt like he was right with me in my room and healing me. After two more healings I noticed that my moods were better. I no longer cried during my ovulation time which was a big relief. I used to lock myself up in a room and not meet anyone because I used to be ashamed of how emotionally unstable I was . After each healing session, first my period pain reduced. Then my weight reduced by 5 kilos! I myself felt like going out and exercising and listening to music etc which I had completely stopped.

I had more control over my emotions, people who used to bully me, make fun of me, hurt my confidence stopped having their way with me as my own self respect and dignity started coming back to me. Because my brain was free now from the constant stress of having to deal with mood swings and emotional instability- I could now focus on my work and got back to reading books and writing poetry- two things that I used to really love doing.

Slowly my old friends who used to be good influences started getting in touch with me. With every healing I could feel my period becoming more free flowing, my energy did not feel blocked. It has been two months since I got in touch with Ali Bhai and my life has only gotten better- in every area.

I cannot thank him enough and I just hope that in due time I make him proud to have healed someone like me. Healing is a gradual process but if you commit yourself to being the best version of yourself then just pick up the phone and call Ali Bhai. He will make your health his own personal mission. He will not shy away from telling you your own short comings and he will not sugar coat his words- he is a mentor and a teacher who genuinely seeks to show you the path of truth and righteousness and make you a better human being.

If you love yourself, if you want to turn yourself into the best version of yourself, if you seek to command love and respect, if you want to heal your body, mind and sould and see the world through a whole new perspective, if you are ready to change into YOU and not what circumstances have made out of you- just call Ali Bhai and you will never look back. Ali Bhai is proof, at least for me that when you pray with a sincere heart, they do get answered, he is my answer 🙂

God bless you.


Female Hormonal Imbalance Healing
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