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I had come to you approximately a year back with my brother, Shehzaad. I had promised you a testimonial when I got married and so as promised I am writing this testimonial to you. I have been happily married for over two months and I still cannot believe it. My family and I had given up all hopes of me ever getting married. A few years ago, I remember I used to stay depressed, locked up in a room, all by myself. I refused to speak to anyone and would cry most of the time. Whenever a proposal came my way, either the guy would reject me by seeing the picture or after our meeting. I was so depressed and even though I loved eating heavy food diets like chicken and mutton, I wouldn’t gain weight. Though I ate well, my periods were irregular and painful. I was showed to various doctors and all of my diagnosis were clean and yet my family was certain there was something wrong with me. I would be constantly irritable, picked up fights and had bouts of crying for no reason. I remember waking up in the middle of the night and roaming around the house like a ghost while the whole family was sound asleep. My family then took me to 2 Aamil babas in Shivaji Nagar, Bangalore, who turned out to be quacks and then we met a Haafiz baba who gave me some chits to burn after which my condition worsened and my behavior scared my family. I was scared too. My family started feeling paranormal presence around the house and me especially and I was a victim of paranormal attacks. I was thrown out of bed and would hit my family members when they came to help me or make me drink or eat anything. It was then my family came in contact with you. After meeting you once I remember feeling a bit better. During our second session, I felt completely broken down and you told me that you were a spiritual healer, a ghost charmer who would drive away the spirit bothering me and I would have a happy life ahead. After the second exorcism session, I felt like a burden was taken off me and after the third exorcism session, one you were sure that the spirit was lifted off, you revealed to me that a man’s spirit had caught possession of me and wanted me to be with him, thus I was being bothered. I wondered if I would ever be happy in life, get married and live and normal life and you promised all that would come true in the coming year. Your words have come true brother and I am writing this testimonial to thank you for the same.

Thank you for this beautiful life. May allah grant you with more special powers so you can help people like us.

Ghost Charmer in bangalore
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