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I want to share a very important incident of my life, about which am stunned even till date. one odd day my eldest daughter and second elder son fought so terribly eith each other. that my elder son in crazy anger left home, he had nothing with him no money, lfet cell phone at home and no debit/credit cards. we belong to a small town in UP, India. my elder son went for the first time in his life to my sister place who was staying in Mumbai, when they fought with each other he left. we were under an impression he probably is angry and would return after a while, aday tor two passed n i got really worried, we launched a police complaint, days went by none was able to figure out where my son went then i was able to figure about Mr. Ali through my daughter who is a very close friend of Ali, she recommended to share it with him and if that could help, helpless with little hope we shared with him with 2 hours my son was back home to the shock of my life who was missing for days. am so impressed and bless him with all my heart for what he did. thereon he told me to read a supplication to maintain love and harmony.peaceful relation between all my children , the day i started reading what he gave me, all my children stopped fighting and was staying with love and affection for each other. God bless you son, you indeed are doing a great thing for soceity. May God bless u well for ur noble deeds. thank you all, my sincere advise to all trust him blindly with his instructions for your work to get best result in whatever u want. he is a angelic figure in the shape of a human on earth. Thank u Ali. take care. & God Bless

Long distance healing by Ali
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