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Metaphysical spiritual healing,Since 10 DAYS was just finding words to describe what Ali has done for me..still short of words to describe .. his works are par description …coz no words can describe this great personality ..
I was framed in a court case for the reason just to harass me.. not by anyone else but my own dear one. coz of Ali’s great work I have been relieved from all the mental and physical stress of attending the tareek per tareek of our Indian judicial system.

Since 5 years till today, he is been there for me. I had lost trust on everything, but after Allah the almighty its Ali coz of whom I am alive today.
After the court case case withdrawn I was on verge of losing my job which I actly needed in this hard time. But when I told Ali abt it. He told don’t worry ur boss will tell u that he needs u in the centre. And believe me my boss told me the same thing that the centre needs u. After Allah if I trust anyone is Ali.
There are many long instances of my 5 years long hardship to be mentioned here. My life has actually changed after meeting ALI. But all I want to tell is I trust Ali and suggest all to trust him. He is genuine messenger of Allah and a true holistic spiritual healer.. or magician. He makes people love life ..He brings anything back to life.


Metaphysical spiritual healing
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